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Translated into English by Sir Roger L'Estrange.
London: Printed for James, John, and Paul Knapton, et al., 1733., 1733. Folio.
With added engraved title, title in red and black,
3 full-page copper engravings (1 folding), 2 folding maps, 1 folding genealogical table, and 1 folding plan.
First published in 1692, the present is the Fifth Edition, and last folio edition.
The translator, Sir Roger L'Estrange [1616-1704], was an English pamphleteer on the Royalist side during the English Civil War
and Restoration period, and the first person of any distinction to make journalism a profession.
He was also an accomplished linguist and translator of the classics,
including Cicero's "Offices", Seneca's "Morals", Aesop's "Fables", and the "Colloquies" of Erasmus.
Although not always strictly accurate, his translations were "eminently readable", and enjoyed great popularity at the time. (DNB).
Besides several minor writings, this edition contains the two principal works of Josephus: the "Antiquities of the Jews" and his "Jewish War". The former traces the history of the Jews from Creation to the beginning of the Jewish revolt in 66 A.D.
Its purpose was to glorify the Jewish nation in Roman eyes.
It contains one of the few extra-biblical accounts of John the Baptist and Jesus,
which Mayo accounts for the fact that Josephus' writings were preserved from oblivion by the Christians.
The passage where Jesus is described as "a wise man, if indeed one should call him a man" is one of several later interpolations.
The second work (actually written first), the "Jewish War", is an eye-witness account of the Jewish insurrection against Rome
which culminated in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
As governor of Galilee, Josephus took an active part in the revolt, displaying great courage in the siege of Jotapata by Vespasian in 67 A.D. Josephus later sided with the Romans, and his account of events is clearly designed to appeal to the Roman public,
omitting anything that might offend their sensitivities (such as the activities of the Zealots).
Magnífica edición, adornada con grandes grabados, mapas, tablas, etc.
1 Tomo.
Colección Gaby SALOMON.
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